SoftNet's Revolving Door Spins Anew

In what could go down as one of the shortest stints by a chief executive,
Garrett J. Girvan has stepped down as SoftNet Systems Inc.'s chairman and CEO,
citing 'personal reasons.'

Girvan, a former Viacom Cable executive, was named CEO in December.

SoftNet said it has named Ronald I. Simon as Girvan's successor, assuming the
company's CEO, chief financial officer and acting chairman positions. Simon has
been a SoftNet director since September 1995, and he once served as vice
chairman of the company's board.

Taking the SoftNet helm recently has been a slippery slope, at best. Before
Girvan assumed the top slot late last year, Lawrence B. Brilliant stepped down
due to health concerns.

The health of SoftNet as a company has become a concern, as well. The company
has already scrapped two subsidiaries: ISP Channel, a 'turnkey' cable-modem
provider, and Aerzone, a wireless-broadband division that targeted business