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'Sin Tetas' Movie Makes U.S. Debut on Cine Latino

Spanish-language movie channel Cine Latino has acquired
exclusive distribution rights to Sin
tetas no hay paraíso
, the 2010 movie adaptation of Gustavo Bolivar's uncomfortably
named book, which also spun off a telenovela and multiple TV iterations.

Sin tetas no hay
(literally, Without T--s
there is No Paradise
) will make its U.S. premiere July 24 at 9 p.m. ET. It
tells the story of, Catalina, a young girl in Pereira, Colombia, who becomes
obsessed with getting breast implants in order to overcome poverty.

Catalina becomes a prostitute who has sex with drug
traffickers in exchange for gifts, money and social status.

Rights to the 2010 movie, which was directed by Bolivar
himself, were acquired in exclusivity by Cine Latino, the 24/7 movie channel
owned by New York-based InterMedia Advisors and Mexico City's Grupo MVS.

Pitched as one of the most risque Colombian films in recent
years, Sin tetas is the first feature
film to show actual breast augmentation surgery, performed well-known plastic
surgeon Alan González.

When it first aired in 2008, Sin tetas became Telemundo's
highest-rated original production and has since become a world-wide phenomenon,
as the story of young girls seeking fame and fortune through their bodies is
increasingly more common throughout the world.

Other hit movies expected to premiere on Cine Latino in July
include El viaje de Teo, Amor, Dolor y Viceversa and Caribe.