Showtime Seals Kiss PPV Webcast

Fans of Kiss will be able to download a Webcast of a concert featuring the
rock `n' roll icons next month.

The Last Kiss, which aired as a pay-per-view concert on Showtime Event
Television last October, will be available on an on-demand basis at Showtime Networks Inc.'s Web site beginning at 10
p.m. Oct. 1 and continuing through Oct. 21.

Utilizing Microsoft Corp.'s 'Windows Media Player,' the Webcast -- the
two-hour event comprises a 90-minute concert, as well as interviews and
backstage footage of Gene Simmons and crew -- carries a retail price of
$9.95. has partnered with Digital Island to provide the infrastructure for
the event.

To build awareness and stoke buy rates, guitarist Paul Stanley will conduct a
live chat at 10 p.m. Oct. 1. Moreover, has created the 'Kiss Rock `N'
Roll All Night Sweepstakes,' highlighted by the grand prize of a $500 shopping
spree on Kiss Online.

Consumers who purchase the show by midnight Oct. 3 will receive a 2002 Kiss
calendar free.