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September’s Most-Streamed Shows

September was a big month for genre fare, as USA’s Mr. Robot and AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead topped TiVo’s list of the moststreamed primetime cable shows. Streaming is defined as using the TiVo App to watch a live or recorded program on a tablet or mobile device.

Top 10 Primetime Cable Programs

Rank                             Program                                               Network

1                                  Mr. Robot                                               USA Network

2                      Fear the Walking Dead                                        AMC

3                      The Rachel Maddow Show                                   MSNBC

4                      The Real Housewives of Orange County              Bravo

5                      The Daily Show With Trevor Noah                       Comedy Central

6                      Monday Night Football                                        ESPN

7                      The Real Housewives of New Jersey                    Bravo

8                      Project Runway                                                 Lifetime

9                      The O’Reilly Factor                                             Fox News Channel

10                     The Real Housewives of New York City              Bravo

Top 10 Primetime Broadcast Programs

Rank                                                     Program                    Network

1                                              Big Brother                                      CBS

2                                              The Big Bang Theory                 CBS

3                                              Sunday Night Football                NBC

4                                              NCIS                                             CBS

5                                              Dancing With the Stars                ABC

6                                              America’s Got Talent                    NBC

7                                              The Voice                                       NBC

8                                              Modern Family                            ABC

9                                              Designated Survivor                    ABC

10                                             Blindspot                                      NBC