@Security Locks Up New Board Members

@Security Broadband Corp., a start-up that taps home networking technology to
deliver home security and monitoring services to consumers, said it added six
new board members comprised of cable and technology veterans.

On the cable front, joining @Security's board are Adelphia Communications
Corp. vice president of programming Jeffrey Abbas, Charter Communications Inc.
senior vice president of advanced technology Thomas Jokerst, and Comcast Corp.
senior vice president of corporate development Robert Pick.

Adelphia, Charter and Comcast were part of a team of MSOs and venture
capitalists that in April invested a combined $45 million in the start-up, which
was founded by former Prime Cable executives William Glasgow and Jerry Lindauer.

Other new board members are Codenet S.A. and Coditel S.A CEO Alain Allard,
Catalyst Investors partner Christopher Shipman and Qwest Digital Media president
and CEO David Woodrow, the former executive vice president at Cox.

While home networking applications is still in its relative infancy and has
not reached critical mass acceptance among consumers, MSO execs have said that
home security services represent one potential way for them to drive revenue
from the nascent technology.

At this year's National Show, Glasgow forecasted that consumers would be
willing to pay a network operator between $30 and $40 per month for a
home-control and security service.