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SeaChange Picks Up Channel Overlay Patent

SeaChange International secured a patent for its Channel Overlay application, which assists TV viewers in searching for content.

The video-on-demand and IPTV vendor said Channel Overlay picks up “where today's grid-based program guides and on-demand navigation leave off [and] organizes a subscriber's experience according to programs currently being watched.”

Triggered by a remote-control command, the application overlays video with a menu of hot links to relevant on-demand content options and linear broadcast channels, SeaChange added.

“Whether deployed on its own or in conjunction with an electronic program guide, Channel Overlay lets subscribers navigate within the context of their interests, getting them right to the content they want in spite of having access to hundreds of channels and thousands of hours of on-demand programs," SeaChange Interactive president George Breen said in a prepared statement.

"Operators can also give a strategic lift to their content partners with overlays that can keep subscribers navigating within their brands,” Breen added. “The kind of highly organized and predictive presentation that Channel Overlay achieves is critical as operators continue to serve the 'long tail' of content.”