SCTE: Papers, Please

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers said Thursday that it is accepting proposals for technical papers to be presented at its annual Conference on Emerging Technologies.

The deadline is Friday, Aug. 6. The conference will be held in Huntington Beach, Calif., Jan. 11-13, and the theme is, “No Dumb Pipes? Next Generation Technologies for Smart, Competitive Cable Services.”

The SCTE’s list of preferred topics:

• Bandwidth Management: In three to five years, what technologies will exist for use in national, regional and local access networks that will greatly impact cable broadband providers?

• The In-Home Environment: In three to five years, what technological developments will have occurred in silicon, home networking and “cable-ready” devices that will most impact cable technology and strategy?

• Smart Pipe/Dumb Pipe: What technological advances, not widely available today, could enable cable providers to provide equivalent or better grades of service than its broadband competitors, particularly in the quest to not become a “dumb pipe?”

• Mobility/Wireless: What technological developments around the notion of “mobility” and “portability” of cable-served devices and services are on the three- to five-year horizon?

• The Competition: What advances in competitors’ technologies and delivery platforms will necessitate a response from the cable industry?