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Scripps Networks Orders Five New Home Renovation Series

HGTV and DIY Network, two Scripps’ Networks channels with several home renovation programs already in rotation, have ordered a combined five new series that follow that same theme. 

HGTV has ordered Crowded House, which features 15 strangers accompanying and offering advice to couples as they search for a new home. The network has also ordered a series with the working title Tiny House Builders, which focuses on Derek Deidrickson’s construction of small houses for clients in unique locations. 

Half Price Paradise, a series which follows city dwellers as they search for a home in a new, cheaper location has also been ordered by HGTV, along with historical home renovation show Colonial Rehab (w.t.). 

The lone series picked up by DIY Network is Amish RENOgades, which profiles craftsmen Robert Schlabach and Albert Miller as they leave their Amish community to work on home improvement projects in cities throughout the country. Schlabach and Miller were previously featured on the DIY Network series Vanilla Ice Goes Amish