‘Screen To Green’ Program Targets Old TVs

Local cable operators can help subscribers join the "go green" movement by utilizing a turn-key public affairs program designed to get consumers to recycle not trash, but their old analog TVs.

The program, Screen to Green, was developed by the public relations firms October Strategies Inc., which has worked with leading consultants and e-waste recyclers to ensure the safety and responsibility of the information utilized in the program.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 25 million televisions each year are taken out of service.

The green program educates consumers of the dangers of sending these sets to the landfill. TVs contain lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxic chemicals which will leech into the groundwater below a landfill.

The heart of the program is locally scheduled, cable-sponsored recycling rallies designed to collect and repurpose old TV sets. The program is offered to cable operators, programmers and vendors who wish to promote environmental awareness.

"From planning and execution to results reporting, Screen to Green is a complete initiative that allows participants to join the program and participate in responsible, everyday actions to help preserve the environment," said LaRae Marsik, partner in October Strategies.