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Sci Fi Lost in Triangle

Sci Fi Channel is turning to Hollywood producers Dean Devlin (Independence
, Stargate) and Bryan Singer (X-Men, X-Men 2) for an
eight-hour miniseries set against the backdrop of the Bermuda Triangle.

The network has begun development on The Triangle, which will focus on
a disparate group of people haunted by their experiences within the Bermuda
Triangle and driven to confront its dangerous truths.

Marking their first-ever collaboration, Singer and Devlin will
executive-produce the miniseries, as well as develop the scripts from their
original story. They may also each direct some of the four two-hour

The Triangle is slated to air in early 2005.

Sci Fi has scored big in Nielsen Media Research ratings with such miniseries
as Steven Spielberg Presents Taken and Frank Herbert's Dune.

Other projects currently in development at the network include The
, 6 Days 'til Sunday, Kim Stanley Robinson's RedMars, A Tale of Two Cities, MYST, The Forever War,
Ursula Le Guin's Earthsea trilogy series and literary classic Left
Hand of Darkness