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S-As New SciCare Unit Signs Up Adelphia

Scientific-Atlanta Inc. last week said SciCare Broadband Services-a new business group and part of its strategy to equip customers with extensive broadband access and digital-launch experience-has signed its first client.

Adelphia Communications Corp. has signed a $4.8 million order to use SciCare Broadband Services' expertise to implement digital installation and integration services-including system engineering, installation and on-site engineering and program management-in order to install turnkey digital-subscriber networks.

SciCare, formed last August, provides resources, processes and knowledge to help operators deliver advanced services.

"Our business is growing rapidly," said Larry Bradner, corporate senior vice president and president of the unit. "There' s a tremendous need on the part of our customers to get expertise."

The agreement will help Adelphia pass more than 3.5 million homes by the end of 2000, speeding the MSO' s deployment of digital-video services to consumers throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and South.

"We're aggressive in deploying digital services because we' ve seen the reaction of our customers," Michael Rigas, Adelphia' s executive vice president for operations, said in a statement. "They want a richer array of cable services than they have in the past. With the assistance of Scientific-Atlanta' s enhanced service offerings, we believe we can execute our plans in a more quality manner."

SciCare Broadband Services will help clients with digital-service launches; customer-network expansion; application-developer support and launch; inside and outside plant services; project management, planning and design; test and certification; operations and maintenance; customer service; and support and training.

Scientific-Atlanta began discussing the current deal with Adelphia last October, when the MSO laid out its plans for expansion, said Bradner.

"It became pretty obvious they would need more than the normal system," said Bradner. "They would have a problem managing the whole process. We went to them and said, Let' s put a work force out there that wears Adelphia shirts, that is 100 percent yours. "

Those people would help Adelphia where needed, for as long as needed, Bradner said.

SciCare plans will work with other companies in a similar capacity to help them keep up with the digital age.

"This is a nice growth opportunity," Bradner said. "It' s hard enough for us to keep up. Can you imagine how difficult it is for our customers?"