Robbins, Schleyer Back Cablevision

Cox Communications Inc. president Jim Robbins and AT&T Broadband CEO Bill
Schleyer voiced their support for Cablevision Systems Corp. in its battle with
Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network at Wednesday's closing National Show
general session.

'I called [Cablevision chairman] Chuck Dolan two weeks ago and said, `Hang in
there, you're doing the right thing,'' Robbins said.

Schleyer -- who cut a deal to carry YES on his Connecticut systems -- also
backed the Dolans' stance.

'[The Walt] Disney [Co.] eventually came to be a good partner,' he said.
'Good partners don't say, `Here's the price, take it or leave it -- put this on
or we'll sue you.' I support the Dolans. I hope they win