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RiverDelta Routing Family Expands

Tewksbury, Mass.-RiverDelta Networks Inc. has introduced the "Broadband Services Router (BSR) 1000," a pizza-box-sized remote cable-modem-termination system that cable operators can distribute to smaller network hubs before they hit high broadband-service penetrations.

Like the "BSR 64000," River-Delta's flagship carrier-class switch-router platform, the space-saving, Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 1.1-based 1000 chassis also supports the company's "SmartFlow" quality-of-service technology, which allows cable operators to partition their broadband networks and sell a range of bandwidth service tiers to rival Internet-service providers, the company said.

RiverDelta's new box, the company added, is also "content-aware," meaning that it can determine whether a stream contains voice, data or video packets and prioritize them accordingly.

The BSR 1000-which RiverDelta hopes cable operators will use as a migration path to the BSR 64000-can operate as a layer-2 bridge or as a CMTS router with security features, the company said.