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Riker Will Join Cable TV Museum

Exton, Pa. -- Bill Riker, president of the Society of
Telecommunications Engineers, resigned last week to join the National Cable Television
Center and Museum in Denver.

Riker will remain with the SCTE through its annual
Cable-Tec Expo, scheduled for mid-June.

After that, he will become vice president of operations and
engineering for the Museum, working jointly for one year at Cable Television Laboratories
Inc. CableLabs is the technical advisor to the Center and Museum.

While at CableLabs, Riker will work as a liaison with the
SCTE on an industry standard related to cable modems and digital set-tops. He will stay
there until construction begins on the Center and Museum, next year.

Riker's tenure at the SCTE lasted more than 13 years,
during which time the organization's membership grew from 2,500 to more than 15,000,
with an annual budget increase from $217,000 to more than $5 million.

When he joins the Cable Center and Museum, he will oversee
the $15 million earmarked to construct the 45,000-square foot facility. Riker will also
create educational programs for the industry, and will report to Museum president Marlowe

Froke said in a statement that he is "greatly
relieved" that Riker opted to join the Center and Museum.

"I can't wait until June 15," when Riker
officially starts, Froke added.

So far, a successor for Riker at the SCTE's Exton,
Pa.-based headquarters has not been identified.

Anna Riker, director of special projects for the SCTE, will
open a Denver office of the SCTE to continue her work there.