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Rigas Blames Adelphia Board

Adelphia Communications Corp. founder John Rigas and the other four ex-MSO
executives who were indicted along with him may try to blame their trouble on
the company's board.

After Rigas, sons Michael and Tim, and fellow former Adelphia executives Jim
Brown and Michael Mulcahey pleaded not guilty Wednesday to conspiracy and wire-
and bank-fraud charges, Rigas' attorney pled his case to reporters outside the
U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

'This whole thing is a massive public misperception that was sadly fueled by
the existing Adelphia board of directors,' said John Rigas' lawyer, Peter

Andrew Levender, attorney for former executive vice president of operations
Michael Rigas, who had also represented former Adelphia Business Solutions CEO
James Rigas, added, 'One of them [James] got off, and one of them [Michael]
didn't get off. Both of them should've gotten off.'

A trial date wasn't set, but prosecutors have until Nov. 2 to complete

The Rigases also waived their right to a speedy trial.