Rentrak Redefines TV Measurement Terms

Rentrak has made a few key changes regarding the terms it uses to describe its TV measurement services. 

Rather than continuing to refer to its national and local television measurement services as “census-like,” Rentrak will now describe those services as “Rentrak Local” and “Rentrak National,” respectively. The terminology change comes after consultation with the Media Rating Council, which claimed that "census like" was not an accurate way to describe the TV measurement services Rentrak offers.

The company's theatrical film and VOD measurement services will remain defined as "census-like." 

Rentrak currently measures approximately 13 million return-path TV homes and 29 million TVs across several MVPDs and regions. According to a statement from Rentrak, the company estimates it will provide measurement services for approximately 26 million TV homes and 60 million TVs by 2015.