RCN Bows Watch Disney Products

RCN has expanded its TV Everywhere offerings by launching a number of the Watch Disney products.

Digital TV subscribers to the provider can now watch Watch Disney Channel, Watch Disney XD, Watch Disney Junior and Watch ABC Family. Watch ABC is also accessible to authenticated subscribers in attendant markets. 

RCN said its digital TV video subscribers can now stream HD-quality programming from their iOS and Android devices, as well as online. Customers simply download the apps to their tablets or smartphones. To watch their favorite shows on computers and laptops, customers can visit WATCHABC.com, WATCHABCFamily.com, WATCHDisneyChannel.com, WATCHDisneyJunior.com and WATCHDisneyXD.com. To gain access to live programming and additional content, customers can verify their account by selecting RCN from the list of cable TV providers and enter their MyRCN user name and password.

“With these new apps, our customers are able to enjoy an even better experience with their RCN video service and with it an incredibly wide selection of programming offered by the Disney Channel and ABC family of networks,” said RCN COO Chris Fenger. “The launch of these apps keeps our customers on the cutting edge of the viewer experience. It is always our goal at RCN to provide our customers access to the products and services for which they express a need, and this is a good example of that.”