Quintet to Rough It with Hallmark

James Garner, Adam Arkin, Jill Eikenberry, Ned Beatty and Eric Roberts have
joined the cast of Roughing It, an original miniseries airing on Hallmark
Channel next January.

Production on the four-hour project -- based on Mark Twain's eponymous
travelogue to the Old West, which was first published in 1872 -- began in
Calgary, Alberta, earlier this month.

In the miniseries, Garner portrays a mature Twain giving a retrospective on
his life, while Eikenberry will portray the author/humorist's wife, Livy

Steven Berman wrote the screenplay for Roughing It, in which Twain
sifts his experiences through his own unique filter and irony, portraying the
Old West as an exotic land engulfed with dangers and wonders.