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Puerto Rico's OneLink Adds GolTV

GolTV, the 24-hour soccer service, on July 1 launched on OneLink Communications, the largest cable operator in Puerto Rico, as part of its Digital Basic channel lineup, the company announced.

“GolTV delivers exactly what thousands of our subscribers want -- non-stop soccer action and in-depth coverage of the best fútbol teams in the world,” OneLink CEO Ron Dorchester said in a statement.

The soccer network is revving up for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa with exclusive U.S. coverage of qualifying matches for the German, Italian and Spanish national teams. It has also kicked off 2010 Report, which features previews, highlights and analysis of the upcoming World Cup qualifying matches from around the globe. The weekly show will air intermittently over the next two years.

“Soccer has more participants than any other sport in the Americas, as well as a huge fan base,” said GolTV chief operating officer Rodrigo Lombello. “Cable operators are taking note of the opportunities that lie within all-soccer programming.”

Ranked among the top three Hispanic networks in the first quarter of 2008, many of the most-watched soccer matches in Spanish-language cable households are shown only on GolTV.