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On the cover of this week's print issue, you'll see the new
logo of our corporate parent, Cahners Business

Recently, Multichannel News joined the Entertainment
Communications & Media Group of Cahners, along with our sister publications -- Multichannel
News International
, Cablevision, CED and Wireless

When combined with Variety, Broadcasting &
and Publishers Weekly, the group now forms a powerful cluster of
dedicated publications serving the entire entertainment world.

Cahners is one of the largest providers of targeted
business information in the world. Today, we publish more than 130 different publications
in 19 markets.

On top of that, we publish in excess of 200 directories and
databases and more than 100 Web sites and Internet communities.

Our mission is to serve you -- our readers -- by being the
provider of information that affects your business.

For example, just think about the convergence that is going
on in cable today. As businesspeople, you know all too well that you are coping with
unprecedented change.

The rules are unfamiliar. Competition is intensifying.
Markets fragment. Currencies fluctuate. Product cycles shorten. New companies threaten
established giants. The risks increase.

The editorial staff at Multichannel News makes it
their business to provide you with the critical, timely information that you need to
succeed in this environment.

Whether it's the weekly print version of Multichannel
, or the weekly -- and now daily -- online editions, the editorial staff follows
the industry intensively.

They report on change to help you manage it and benefit
from it. They are here to make a complex world more coherent for you.

They put events into context. They anticipate trends. They
add new insights and facts. They save you time by asking the questions that you would ask.

To that end, the Cahners logo is a symbol of our overall
commitment to provide you with the information that you need to make the right decisions
about change in your professional life.

The funnel shape of the graphic mark suggests our core
product: insight that has been funneled, distilled and filtered from the vast abundance of
data, to help you succeed.

The crisp, contemporary design of the mark conveys our
belief in a progressive, dynamic business environment.

We hope that you'll agree that the choice of colors --
vibrant blue and graduated orange -- implies an open, easy-to-work-with style.

On behalf of Multichannel News and Cahners, we renew
our pledge to do our part. Let us help you to make change your ally, and not your enemy.

We appreciate the opportunity to help.