Proactive Retention: Opportunity Knocks

Ask the average person on the street for their impression of door-to-door sales and they will probably respond with tales of the Fuller Brush Man, the Avon Cosmetics saleswoman or even the local Girl Scout cookie drive.

But for those of us in the cable-TV business, the door-to-door sales rep evokes a different vision — of an indispensable sales pioneer, beginning with the industry’s early growth years; cable’s roving ambassador of new products and services; and a key defender in the fight against the satellite industry.

Now it may be time to utilize your door-to-door sales reps to help overcome a new challenge.


As the face of the industry continues to evolve, today we find ourselves bracing for an onslaught of additional competition. And this is not just any competition. The telcos have deep pockets, brand names, consumer awareness and aggressive marketing techniques.

For many of our loyal customers, the last time they saw a cable representative in person was when their service was installed. Consolidation and the creation of market-wide “super systems” — while certainly a more efficient way to conduct business — have also further distanced us from personal interaction with our customers.

How can we preserve that local connection?

Consider using a proven cable resource — the industry’s thousands of door-to-door salespeople — to help renew and retain relationships with our key customers.

It is much more efficient to retain current customers than to sign up new ones. In today’s highly competitive arena we should ask how we can be more proactive in our approach to retention.

A face-to-face visit by a knowledgeable cable rep gives our customers a forum to tell us what is wrong with our service, what is right and what it will take to keep their business.

And while we are at it, let’s make sure their picture quality is perfect, that they understand their bill and that they know how to take full advantage of all the products and services to which they subscribe. Let’s make sure they know we appreciate their business and care about their needs and opinions.

We want them to be as committed to being a cable customer as we are committed to serving them.

Your direct sales professionals can be more than just order takers. A well-trained sales rep can accomplish a lot in a 30-minute face-to-face visit with a cable customer. And these visits will serve as a complement to your marketing and advertising efforts, ensuring the right message gets through.

With an army of direct sales reps in the field, the industry can put a big dent in its competition before they get started.


We must become as well known for our commitment to the customer as we are for our programming innovation and advances in technology. Our goal should be to provide the highest quality products and services while maintaining a personalized dedication to the satisfaction of each and every customer.

We can help accomplish this by going back to our local roots. Cable was born as a local service. We employ local residents, showcase local programming and pay franchise fees to help support our local communities. We can connect best with our customers using face-to-face visits by local reps.

Consider proactive retention with a tried and true cable sales tool — the door-to-door sales rep.