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PrimeStar Launches $49 Install Promotion

Englewood, Colo. -- PrimeStar Inc. launched a new consumer
promotion last Wednesday that brought the cost of the service's installation down to
$49 after a mail-in rebate.

Rival direct-broadcast satellite provider EchoStar
Communications Corp. is running a similar $49 offer.

PrimeStar's offer is significant, however, because the
company does not require an upfront hardware purchase.

PrimeStar subscribers who choose its original lease option
pay only the installation fee upfront. Monthly lease fees are then $10, plus programming.
For an additional upfront payment of $99 for one TV set-top box ($148 for two),
"Value Lease" subscribers can reduce their monthly lease fees to $3.

For the length of the offer, which runs through October,
PrimeStar will waive the second-set installation fee, which typically runs an additional

The promotion will be backed by radio, newspaper and
magazine ads.

PrimeStar is the only DBS provider that does not offer the
option of self-installation.