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Primary Wave Talks Up Cable’s Toll-Free Number

Primary Wave Media LLC, which has licensed 1-800-Cable-TV, will begin advertising that number to consumers shortly via radio spots and regional print advertising.

The ads will tout the toll-free number as a one-stop destination to order or upgrade cable services.

Gregg Hamerschlag, president and CEO of the company, said Primary Wave Media has affiliation agreements with 90% of the cable industry, including the Top 10 MSOs. Some of the companies have licensed the number and use it to route callers to their own call centers. Other video providers allow Primary Wave Media to process the calls at its two call centers, he said.

The company is in negotiations with trade associations that Hamerschlag would not name to extend coverage of the toll-free number to the rest of the cable marketplace.

The company has grabbed other telecommunications-related "vanity" telephone number combinations, including 1-977-FOR-IPTV and 1-800-WEBPHONE, but those numbers have not yet been marketed, Hamerschlag said.

The consumer-targeted advertising program is designed to enhance the company's previously announced "movers" program and drive callers to licensees from outside their territories, improving lead generation results.