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Prevue Adds Original Programming

On-screen guide The Prevue Channel is relaunching today
(Feb. 23) by introducing original programming at fixed times and unveiling an all-new
look, along with a $1 million national advertising campaign, under the slogan,
'Prevue First.'

As previously reported, Prevue, which reaches more than
49.5 million households, is adding informational segments that will include features on
news, weather, movies, family programming, hit primetime shows and sports.

After extensive viewer research and focus groups, Prevue
has opted to air its new features in fixed positions that coincide with the commercial
breaks on both cable and broadcast networks, which is when Prevue's viewership
typically spikes up, said Madeleine Forrer, a Prevue vice president and senior Prevue
product manager.

'Our viewers had become accustomed to seeing
traditional trailers on the top half of our screen,' Forrer said. 'But our focus
groups tell us that people want a tool to help them make viewing choices, and something
that is a little less partisan.'

Prevue is aiming to bump up its total-day ratings to a 0.5
from a 0.3 during the next year, according to Forrer.

In addition to the original new segments, Prevue is also
getting new video graphics and music.

At five minutes before the hour and half-hour, during
program breaks, viewers can tune into Prevue News and Prevue Weather. Other features
include Prevue Revue, which will give information on pay-per-view and premium movies;
Prevue This, which will look at the hottest primetime shows; and Prevue Family, which will
highlight shows for the entire family.

Also, Prevue Sports will air highlights and look at local
and national games, as well as offering information on blackout and programming changes.