Poll: DSL Closing In on Cable

A new Harris Interactive survey confirmed that digital subscriber line is
gaining on cable.

Cable modems' share in broadband homes has dropped from 65 percent in April
2000 to 51 percent in January, while DSL has risen from 24 percent to 39 percent
over that time. The remaining percentage is made up of 'don't know,' integrated
services digital network and satellite, Harris said.

Between April 2000 and January 2001, DSL connections accounted for 75 percent
of all new subscribers, Harris said, even though cable gets generally higher
customer-service marks from consumers.

Among MSOs, Cox Communications Inc. subscribers were the most satisfied,
while AT&T Broadband subscribers said they were 'much less satisfied,'
according to Harris.

Qwest Communications International Inc. performed the best among the regional
Bell operating companies, while Verizon Communications and EarthLink Network
Inc. subscribers landed at the bottom among telcos. Harris declined to provide
specific numerical ratings for cable and phone companies.

Harris polled 187,000 Internet users, including 36,000 who had either cable
or DSL service.