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Paxson to FCC: Thumbs Up on Auction

Paxson Communications Corp. chairman Lowell 'Bud' Paxson applauded the
Federal Communications Commission for its decision to move ahead with the
700-megahertz spectrum auction scheduled for June 19.

The FCC's decision, which shoots down a request by the Cellular
Telecommunications & Internet Association, 'bodes well for the American
consumer,' Paxson said.

The CTIA requested more time because of doubt surrounding the bidding
procedures and when the spectrum would be available.

Paxson heads up the Spectrum Clearing Alliance along with other broadcasters
operating on channels 59 through 69.

Paxson owns and operates 19 stations that occupy those channels, and it has
filed with the FCC to clear 14 stations and to operate in analog on digital

The bidding procedures are out for auction, and registration for bidders is
slated to begin April 30.

Broadcasters that use analog spectrum have been ordered to relinquish it once
they make the transition to digital. However, they don't have to give up that
spectrum until 2006, or until digital penetration reaches 85