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Panasonic Displays OCAP Prototypes at CES

Panasonic Consumer Electronics is demonstrating prototypes of what it called the first end-to-end system for the OpenCable Application Platform at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The consumer-electronics giant teamed up with Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable, Motorola Inc. and Concurrent Computer Corp. to comply with the next-generation, interactive digital-cable-television standard.

"We're on the fast track to develop OCAP-compliant systems, which will allow us to produce TVs that will support all of cable's interactive services without the use of a set-top box," Paul Liao, president of Panasonic Technologies Co., said in a release.

"Consumers will be able to buy digital-cable-ready TVs and, with the use of a CableCARD, they will be able to receive digital services no matter which cable system in the country they subscribe to," he added.

Panasonic plans to start field trials of OCAP-compliant devices in 2004.