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Pace Launches Hybrid Satellite-IPTV Box

Pace Micro Electronics used the recent International Broadcasting Convention 2006 show in Amsterdam, Netherlands, to unveil its new hybrid satellite-IPTV box and a new H.264 codec reference platform.

The hybrid set-top box is capable of taking in HD and standard-definition content from either an IP or satellite source, allowing satellite providers to offer live and on-demand TV services.

In addition, the box allows content to be securely distributed to other approved IP-enabled devices in the home, including a PC, mobile handheld or another IP set-top box. Meanwhile, Pace also showed off its newest reference design for an IP digital-video recorder. The TIP850 uses the H.264 codec to record HD video with as much as 1 terabyte of storage. With an optional digital tuner, the set-top-box design would be suitable for telco operators looking to launch a full-service IPTV offering.

Both new products are part of Pace’s strategy to expand its portfolio of IP-centric devices as it keeps pace with industry trends.

"By 2010, there will be an estimated 350 million IP-connected devices sold each year,” said Mark Rooney, Pace’s head of IPTV. “IPTV and IP home networking will therefore be very strongly placed, and we will see IP becoming the dominant force in media.”