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Ozzy and Family Return Nov. 26

MTV: Music Television announced Tuesday that the second season of its Emmy
Award-winning reality sitcom, The Osbournes, will premiere Nov. 26 at
10:30 p.m.

The Osbournes -- which will followfellow MTV reality skein The
Real World: Las Vegas
-- will go back to the Beverly Hills estate of Ozzy,
Sharon, Jack and Kelly Osbourne for more real-life drama.

'The new season of The Osbournes will pick up where we left off last
spring with the entire family reaching new heights of popularity and notoriety,'
said Brian Graden, president of entertainment for MTV and VH1.

'And when you team The Osbournes up with The Real World on
Tuesday nights, you have a seamless hour of hit television that sets a standard
for all reality programming,' he added.

Sharon, wife of rocker Ozzy, added, 'We are excited to invite the world into
our home for another dose of Osbourne insanity. This season, the show takes on a
whole new meaning as we share the highs and the lows of the past six months with
our viewers.'