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Oxygen to Repurpose Ellen DeGeneres

Comedian Ellen DeGeneres' new fall syndicated talk show will get a second
airing on Oxygen as part of a distribution deal reached by the female-targeted
network and series distributor Warner Bros.

Episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will premiere on Oxygen Sept. 15,
one week after its debut in syndication, according to representatives from both
companies. Oxygen will air the hour-long episodes daily after 10 p.m., as well
as on weekends.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The series is cleared in most of the country, and it will air predominantly
on broadcast network NBC's owned-and-operated stations, according to Warner
Bros. executives.

"Ellen DeGeneres' unique comedic voice hits Oxygen's sensibility right on the
nose," Oxygen president of programming Debby Beece said in a prepared

"We reach active young women who work during the day and don't get to catch
the show," she added. "Adding Ellen to our slate of dynamic celebrity
personalities is a big win for our audience."