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Other WE tv Programming

WE tv is the source for progressive, confident women looking to satisfy their curiosity with fascinating original stories that entertain, inform and give women something they can’t help but talk about. From compelling real-life originals of personal change like The Locator, to intriguing stories of ordinary women at extraordinary points in their lives like Raising Sextuplets, to the best and most unscripted wedding programming on WE tv’s Wedding Sunday, WE tv fascinates viewers and keeps them captivated all year long!

Secret Lives of Women(All New Episodes Tuesdays at 10PM ET)

An intimate look at the provocative lives some women lead. These first-person accounts of women's stories are sure to pique curiosity, leaving you to realize that you can't judge a woman by her cover.

Platinum Babies(All New Episodes Fridays at 9PM ET)

First comes a platinum wedding, and then comes Platinum Babies! WE tv’s all-new original series introduces viewers to adorable babies and their platinum-plated parents who will spare absolutely no expense on their little bundles of joy.

Little Miss Perfect(Premieres January 5, 2010, Tuesdays at 10PM ET)

This WE tv original series goes “behind-the-scenes” of “Little Miss” pageants to tell the story of 10 pageant moms and their daughters who will stop at nothing to win a crown… and some cash!  You may question a pageant mom’s methods, but will you question her love?  Join world-renowned pageant industry expert, Michael Galanes, and judge for yourself as you see who will be crowned, “Little Miss Perfect!”

The Locator(Returns March 6, 2010, Saturdays at 9PM ET)

WE tv's heartwarming original series, The Locator, returns with all new episodes. This series follows the many journeys of Troy Dunn, a real-life missing person's expert. Inspired by his mother’s quest to reconnect, Troy helps reunite people with their birth mothers, long lost siblings or loved ones. This is a truly powerful and deeply emotional series about hope and resolution.

You’re Wearing That?!? (Premieres May 2010, Exact Date and Time TBD)

Mothers and daughters…say no more!  This new original series is the ultimate makeover experience; transforming not just their personal styles but their very own relationships with one another.