Online, Geographic and Political Ads

Counting Impressions

A recent report from The Audit Bureau of Circulations found that while advertisers now consider digital media a core part of their media strategies, less than half of ad agency respondents and only one-third of advertisers said they were confident that their companies’ online impressions were measured and reported accurately. The report found that 68% said they would prefer to advertise on Web sites audited by an independent third party. More than half of the survey respondents said they’d be more likely to advertise on blogs, podcasts, streaming video and mobile media if audited by an independent firm.

Location, Location, Location

Cable operators often run into road blocks when trying to convince advertisers, particularly those used to buying avails on broadcast and radio, to try placing ads in geographic zones. But Comcast Spotlight Pittsburgh is finding that when its ad executives offer up client data and mapping information, they find that “90% of the time, over 85% of their business comes from customers who live within a five-to-10 mile radius,” said Rebecca Lamperski, Tri-State senior director of sales for Comcast Spotlight Pittsburgh. The simple demonstration often drives home the fact that geographically targeting customers is a smart and financially prudent way to reach customers, she said.

Presidential Bids

The presidential election is heating up and the candidates are already spending large amounts of cash to advertise on TV. Markets that may have missed out on any Democratic presidential election spending in 2004 -- Alaska, Georgia, Indiana, North Dakota, and Montana -- are already seeing dollars flow in via the Sen. Barack Obama campaign, according to the Advertising Project from the University of Wisconsin and TNS Media Intelligence. Operators in these markets, as well as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Florida would be well served to attract the candidates to their avails since those markets are being the most heavily focused on at this point.