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Ohio Telco Lights Up Wave7 FTTH Network

Independent telco NKTELCO is tapping gear from Wave7 Optics to build a fiber-to-the-premises network in Botkins, Ohio.

NKTELCO provides broadband services to about 3,000 customers in central Ohio, and the new network, set to begin service in October, will expand its fiber-optic reach. The telco already installed Wave7’s Last Mile Link equipment, and it has been offering high-speed-data, voice and video service to more than 1,000 residential and business customers in Fort Loramie, Ohio.

For the Botkins rollout, NKTELCO will offer a 200-channel video service including HDTV, along with voice-over-IP telephone service and high-speed-data service, to residential customers. Business customers will be offered the same service plus 10/100 Ethernet Base-T and similar business-class connection options.