North Andover, Mass.—Harmonix Corp.,

North Andover, Mass.-
Harmonix Corp.,
which makes wireless-communications systems for the high-speed-data market, obtained a $3.5-million investment from SoftBank Networks Inc., a Japanese venture-capital fund.

The investment will help Harmonix accelerate its development and marketing programs, including the introduction of its GigaLink product, a high-speed digital-radio service.

In return for the investment, a member of SoftBank's management team will receive a seat on the Harmonix board of directors.

The GigaLink product, which is expected to receive Federal Communications Commission Part 15 emissions certification in the fall, provides transmission rates of up to 662 megabits per second and is based on 60-gigahertz technology. The product is used to link high-speed fiber to individual sites and can simultaneously deliver digital voice, data and video.

Applications for GigaLink include campus networks, metropolitan-area networks, local access, network backbones and network branch links.

Harmonix also manufactures millimeter wave components, including transmitters, receivers, oscillators, mixers, frequency multipliers, isolators, circulators, switches, detectors and antennas.