Nortel Debuts Wireless LAN for Cable Ops

Nortel Networks debuted its “Wireless LAN Cable Access Point 6220” at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers’ Cable-Tec Expo Wednesday.

The 6220 uses industry-standard 802.11 wireless technology to offer cable operators a low-cost alternative for extending the reach of high-speed-data services to small and midsized enterprises, Nortel said.

The vendor added that the 6220 is a strand-mounted enclosure containing both coaxial-fed cable-modem and wireless-local-area-network functionality, allowing operators to point an antenna at a building to deliver secure commercial broadband services.

“The Wireless LAN Cable Access Point 6220 is uniquely focused on enabling the cable operator to cost-effectively reach businesses and end-users,” Nortel general manager of global cable solutions Dan Mondor said in a prepared statement.