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Nortel, Broadstream Broaden Rural IPTV-Product Line

Nortel Networks tapped Broadstream Communications to expand its IPTV-product line of video-infrastructure and television-programming elements aimed at rural telecommunications providers.

In adding Broadstream’s IPTV-content-transport and management services to its product portfolio, Nortel now offers more than 200 channels of IPTV-ready video content that can be transmitted directly to any service-provider location in the United States. The portfolio also allows providers to add features such as on-screen instant messaging, mobile-to-TV picture sharing and on-screen caller ID.

Broadstream’s services offer prepackaged IPTV channels already encoded in the MPEG-4 format for delivery to a telco’s video headend. In that way, the telco doesn’t have to invest money in encoders and satellite receivers.

Nortel then takes that content and provides the necessary interconnections to deliver the IPTV service to customers.

"As rural telcos look to offer their customers new IPTV services, a significant hurdle they face is access to a complete media and entertainment content bundle that can effectively compete with today's existing cable and satellite services," Nortel general manager of broadband-networks solutions Walt Megura said. “By teaming up with Broadstream to leverage their expertise in managed content services, Nortel can offer rural telcos a turnkey IPTV solution that helps enable more rapid and cost-effective introduction of these new revenue-generating services."