Nonsubs Want Discovery

Beta Research Corp.'s latest 'Non-Subscriber Study' on the cable networks
most appealing to nonsubscribers showed that Discovery Channel dominated among
the major networks, Discovery Health Channel among emerging networks and Turner
Classic Movies among midsized networks.

The Syosset, N.Y.-based research firm reported Tuesday that 64 percent of
nonsubscribers had highest interest in Discovery, followed by The History
Channel (50 percent); American Movie Classics and The Weather Channel (tied at
43 percent); and Disney Channel and The Learning Channel (tied at 42

The results were culled from 500 telephone interviews conducted in March
among consumers who have not subscribed to cable and satellite in areas where
those services are available (although 59 percent were former cable

Among emerging networks, 33 percent expressed high interest in Discovery
Health, followed by The Health Network (26 percent), Toon Disney (25 percent)
and The Independent Film Channel (21 percent).

In the midsized category, 46 percent showed strong interest in TCM, followed
by TV Land (33 percent), Food Network (29 percent), Fox News Channel (28
percent) and Odyssey Network (27 percent).

In other findings, Beta said 34 percent of the nonsubscribers were interested
in digital cable, versus 25 percent for satellite-dish service.

As usual, Discovery Networks U.S. was first out of the gate to react to the
Beta research.

Discovery dominated in Beta's major-networks category for the 10th straight
year, noted Discovery Networks executive vice president of affiliate sales and
marketing Bill Goodwyn, adding that Discovery Health was tops among newer
networks for the second year.

TLC was among the top five major networks for the fifth consecutive year, he