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Noggin, Sesame Are Out There

Former Noggin co-owner Sesame Workshop will deliver a weekly drama to "The
N," Noggin's evening offering, this spring.

Sesame Workshop confirmed Tuesday morning that Out There, a tween
adventure drama also being marketed to international broadcasters, will show up
in the United States on Noggin, likely in May.

Although Noggin has a 13-episode commitment and will get co-producer credit,
Sesame is developing 27 more half-hour segments for play in 2004 and beyond.

Originally called Two Down Under, Out There follows two
teen-agers -- one from the United States, the other from London -- who hook up
with two peers in Australia at a veterinary clinic outside Sydney. There, they
pursue adventures on the way to treating sick animals and learning how to cope
with each other.

The series stars Douglas Smith, Jade Ewen, Richard Wilson and Molly

Out There also has distribution clearances on the British Broadcasting
Corp.'s children's channel and the ABC-TV network in