Nielsen: Broadband Users Online More

Nielsen/NetRatings reported that for the first time in history, broadband
users spent more time online in January 2002 than narrowband users.

The company said broadband users at home and work spent 1.19 billion hours
online, compared with 1.14 billion hours for narrowband users, even though
narrowband users outnumbered broadband users 2-1.

Broadband usage jumped more than 40 percent year over year, posting 727
million hours in January 2001 compared with 1.18 billion hours from narrowband

Nielsen said the broadband unique audience at home rose from 13.1 million in
January 2001 to 21.9 million in January 2002. At work, the broadband audience
rose from 18 million to 25.5 million.

The corresponding narrowband audience dropped from 87 million to 82 million
at home and 19.3 million to 15 million at work over the past year.

Broadband now reaches 47.4 million users at home and work, versus 97 million
for narrowband, Nielsen said.