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Nick at Nite, Cosby Explore Fatherhood

Another Bill Cosby-crafted animated series is heading Nickelodeon's way --
specifically Nick at Nite.

Set to join long-running Little Bill on Nickelodeon this December
is Fatherhood, based on Cosby's 1986 nonfiction bestseller about the
comical side of family raising.

Nick at Nite will run the series in primetime, co-executive-produced by
Cosby, Charles Kipps and David Brokaw.

David Alan Grier will provide the lead voice as "Dr. Bindlebeep," a
high-school teacher and father of three. The animation style will be based on
the work of George Booth, a cartoonist for The New Yorker.

Viacom Inc.-owned Nick at Nite already offers nightly reruns of The Cosby
, which has become the Nickelodeon daypart's top-rated attraction since
landing there in March 2002.