NGC Sparks Most Sub Interest

The newly launched National Geographic Channel generated the most
cable-subscriber interest among emerging/digital networks, according to the
latest Beta Research Corp. study, released Monday.

According to the '2001 Beta Cable Subscriber Interest Study,' conducted in
June, 61 percent of subscribers expressed 'high interest in viewing' NGC. All
told, 507 respondents were asked about 43 emerging or digital networks,
described by Beta as having fewer than 15 million subscribers.

In a joint statement, NGC president Laureen Ong and Fox Cable Networks Group
executive vice president of affiliate sales and marketing Lindsay Gardner also
pointed out that the newcomer led among male subscribers, adults 18 through 34,
adults 18 through 49 and adults 25 through 54.

The Biography Channel was the runner-up in the emerging category, with 52
percent highly interested in viewing the network. It was followed by Discovery
Science Channel (48 percent), Lifetime Movie Network (45 percent) and
Weatherscan Local and FamilyNet (tied at 44 percent), Beta reported.

The latter two independently owned services made the Beta study for the first
time, the researcher pointed out. Fort Worth, Texas-based FamilyNet released a
statement boasting that it also ranked third among women subscribers, fourth
among adults 18 through 34 and fifth with parents having children age 12 or

Discovery Networks U.S. executive vice president Bill Goodwyn emphasized that
Discovery Kids ranked first among parents with kids aged 12 and under and among
the top five with adults 18 through 34 and 18 through 49.

Lifetime Entertainment Services' statement noted that LMN ranked first in
interest among women subscribers and first in awareness with both adults and
women in the 18- through-34 bracket.

Rounding out Beta's emerging/digital networks were Do It Yourself, Discovery
Civilization Channel, Discovery Health Channel, History Channel International,
Toon Disney and Discovery Kids Channel.

A&E Television Networks' reaction statement indicated that Biography
Channel was also among the top two with adults 18 through 34 and 18 through 49,
as well as two other categories, and that History International was among the
top 10 in three other breakouts.

Looking at 14 midsized networks -- defined as having between 15 million and
49 million subscribers -- Beta found that 52 percent of the 507 respondents
preferred Turner Classic Movies, followed by WGN (39 percent); TV Land and Bravo
(tied at 36 percent); and ESPN Classic (33 percent).