New York—Alantech Online Inc.

New York-Alantech Online Inc., an Internet service provider, reached a marketing agreement through which will offer Alantech's symmetrical digital subscriber line service to users of its Speed411 broadband directory portal.

Under the terms of the agreement, Speed411 visitors will be able to check availability and order SDSL online. In return, SpeedUs receives a portion of revenue from the sale of the SDSL service.

The agreement is part of SpeedUs' new SpeedEmart marketing program, which enables all participating high-speed Internet service providers to offer their wares to Speed411 visitors. Speed411 allows visitors to search for high-speed Internet providers in their area, compare available plans and order services from selected providers online. The site also gives visitors an overview of the high-speed digital-subscriber-line, cable and wireless ISP market. is a wireless broadband-data provider. It was formerly called CellularVision USA Inc.