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Netflix Loses Senior Engineer to Former Tech Chief David Ronca and Facebook/Meta

(Image credit: Meta)

Netflix senior software engineer Sekwon Choi announced he's leaving the company to join the newly coined Meta and reunite with his former boss, former Netflix chief encoding engineer David Ronca.

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Ronca left Netflix in August after a 14-year tenure in which he led the development of the streaming company's pioneering video encoding technology. He now serves as director of video processing for the erstwhile Facebook.

As for Choi, the 11-year Netflix veteran and former Yahoo and Sony engineer announced his career transition on LinkedIn.

"I am joining Meta platforms’ Reality Lab, where I will be working on the Metaverse," Choi said. "Just as Netflix transformed how people consume media, I believe Meta can and will transform how people connect to each other, how people experience the multi-way media and how people use the internet."

So how instrumental was Ronca in spiriting his old charge away from Netflix? And is he coming for more of Netflix's engineering talent? Tough to say, but Choi responded to Ronca's congratulatory note on LinkedIn by thanking him for his support.