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nCUBE Responds to SeaChange Patent Suit

Foster City, Calif.-nCUBE Corp. said last week it would challenge SeaChange International Inc.'s patent infringement action, which was filed on June 13.

"SeaChange's claim of patent infringement is completely without merit, and its claim of 'impending' harm so stale as to render absurd its request for an injunction," the company said. "In fact, SeaChange's entire suit can be explained only as an attempt to use the judicial process to impede nCUBE's conduct of its business."

Officials with nCUBE said the company has been selling products with the essential features and architecture of its MediaCUBE4 system since September 1993. SeaChange said it filed for a patent on its MediaCluster technology in October 1995, nCUBE said.

"Our attorneys will file the appropriate challenge to SeaChange's unwarranted allegations," nCUBE said.

SeaChange said it filed the lawsuit in Delaware, and claimed that nCUBE's MediaCube-4 video server infringes on SeaChange's patented MediaCluster technology. SeaChange said it was "relegated to this action after attempts to otherwise explore the matter."

SeaChange said it requested a preliminary injunction to immediately halt nCUBE's distribution and development of MediaCube-4.