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NCTC to Offer Members N2 Platform

The National Cable Television Cooperative has signed a multiyear agreement for N2 Broadband Inc.’s "OpenStream" to be offered as an on-demand platform for the co-op’s members, officials said Tuesday.

Four NCTC members have already picked OpenStream to power their on-demand service rollouts.

OpenStream is part of N2’s growing suite of products that enable cable operators to deliver on-demand services using VOD servers, billing systems, interactive program guides and other system components of their choice.

"N2 Broadband’s OpenStream is a strong solution for members that will allow them to quickly deploy the same on-demand services, such as VOD, that the larger cable systems have been offering for the past couple of years, without many of the integration hassles that often come with multivendor systems," NCTC senior vice president of hardware Mark Bishop said in a prepared statement.