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NCTA Videos Warn Against Landing In ‘Sheet Hole’

WASHINGTON — The Hole Saga, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s new online cable promotion campaign, had generated 7,666 YouTube views at press time.

The campaign consists of a video sending a message to would-be cord cutters or broadcast-only households that “life without cable leaves a mighty big hole” in people’s lives — in this case, literally.

The campaign definitely has an online edge. For example, “Sheet Hole” (pictured) is the title for the scenario where a vacationer winds up in a fleabag motel because she did not have access to the cable broadband service that would have revealed a “no star” rating.

Click through to the four scenarios, involving a bicyclist, skin diver, vacationer and back-woods camper— as well as supporting roles for killer bunnies, sharks and alien busboys — at