NCC Campaign Goes Green

National Cable Communications and its MSO partners have launched ever°GREEN, a pro-social, eco-friendly initiative that can be used by national spot, regional and local advertisers wanting to push their “green” initiatives as well as their products and services.

“As an industry we have joined together to develop and implement a unified promotional campaign that focuses on this important cause,” said NCC spokesman Lori Givens.

Ever°GREEN is a campaign will give advertisers an opportunity to communicate their ongoing environmental efforts, share their commitments to a better tomorrow and provide positive positioning in their communities by sponsoring educational consumer vignettes and tips, Given said. Topics will include water conservation, recycling, fuel emissions, organic gardening and eco-products plus many others.

The program launched April 2 and Givens said the response has been strong. The media agencies have been asking for “green” opportunities to show their clients, she noted. This program will allow companies to showcase their environmental efforts in a cost-effective and positive way.

“Companies are trying to figure out how to participate in the ‘green’ effort but want to ensure that both the approach and message are sincere and backed up by action,” Given said. “Everywhere you turn people are talking about ‘going green’ and our advertisers aren’t just thinking green, they are acting green and looking for ways to make a difference in their communities. Our goal was to create a program that offers easy tips to consumers while providing a communication vehicle for advertisers who want to demonstrate their company’s environmental commitment to communities.”

The ever°GREEN campaign was created as a springboard for advertisers to communicate with consumers. The campaign will be wrapped around networks that are at the forefront of the sustainability issue and are producing environmentally friendly content: National Geographic Channel, HGTV, Weather Channel, Comedy Central and MTV. The spots are currently pre-produced tips with a 10-second end tag for advertisers use but Givens said NCC is open to the notion of creating customized tips for clients in order to help advertisers achieve their “green” objectives.