Myers Releases Upfront CPM Estimates

Myers Reports Inc. released its estimates Tuesday for cost-per-thousand (CPM)
increases and decreases for the recently concluded upfront marketplace.

On the cable side, Myers said broad-based networks saw 20 percent CPM
cutbacks, compared with 12.5 percent cuts for major niche networks.

In cable news, Myers said that based on input from various media buyers and
sellers, CPMs fell about 16 percent. Myers added that MTV: Music Television --
the only network singled out -- had CPMs drop by 7 percent in the recent
upfront. The company also noted that MTV and The WB Television Network
outperformed the market in terms of the 18-through-34 demographic.

In the broadcast upfront, Myers estimated that the television networks cut
primetime CPMs by 5 percent. In other dayparts, the CPM erosion ranged from the
1.5 percent to 2 percent range for late-night and morning news to between 8
percent and 12.5 percent for evening news and daytime, respectively.

Only CBS and The WB saw their CPMs rise, by 1 percent and 4 percent,
respectively. Fox's, NBC's and ABC's CPMs fell 2 percent, 6 percent and 8
percent, respectively, according to Myers.

Although CBS has 'made a significant bet' that advertisers will increase
spending in the post-upfront scatter marketplace, Myers CEO Jack Myers said, 'It
remains possible that [scatter] CPMs may decline even