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Multichannel News Wonder Woman 2007 Homepage

Wonder Women is unlike almost any other awards program.

By showing what women have accomplished for the cable television industry each year and over the span of their careers, the initiative shows women coming into the field and who are working in the trenches what they, too, can achieve.

The honorees in 2007 will be the ninth class of Wonder Women. Which will underscore the ultimate point: Women are making concrete and creative contributions to the health and impact of one of the most vigorously competitive sectors of the American economy. And are counted on to do so, year in and year out.

This is your chance to shine the spotlight on the most effective and innovative women you have watched contribute to the growth of their company and their industry.

Nominate them, on this site, so everyone in this industry will know who they are. And the next generation of leaders will see the great variety of ways an individual can make a difference that matters to a business that matters.

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld
Multichannel News