MTVN to Flip Switch on Spike TV Aug. 11

Finally, MTV Networks will get its Spike TV.

The New TNN will officially renamed Spike TV on-air Aug. 11, six weeks after
its initial planned launch. The men’s-targeted network will mark the
retransformation with the debut of two new daily news features, according to

The network will tap sister financial-news outletCBS MarketWatch to
provide updates two times per day on the current state of world markets and the

Additionally, Spike TV will offer Zero to Sixty, daily one-minute
reports on the latest trends and news from the automotive industry.

That evening, Spike will also feature a special edition of its Most
Extreme Elimination Challenge
series, in which contestants and games are
named Spike, network officials said.

MTVN settled litigation with movie director Spike Lee over the Spike TV